Tips for Filing your Homeowners Insurance Claims

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19 Oct 2019

Hurricane season is over, but property loss or damage can happen at any time. If you suffered damage to your home from a storm, burst pipes, leaks, or fire here are a few tips to help you through any property damage, filing your claim and getting paid as quickly and smoothly as possible:

You should know that Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and they do not protect your interests and they will look for reasons to avoid paying your claim or undervalue it. If you suffered damage to your home from a hurricane, storm, burst pipes, leaks, or fire and your insurance company denies your claim you need an attorney to defend your rights and zealously protect your interests. Contact The Santos Law Offices as soon as possible 305-417-4111

This information is provided by The Santos Law Offices, PA. Our areas of practice include immigration, bankruptcy, insurance litigation, debt harassment, credit card defense, foreclosure defense, student loan relief, and more. Call 305-417-4111 for a free consultation with our attorney. *For information only, not legal advice

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