Big Spending means Meaner Debt Collectors

The holidays are upon us and sales are once again expected to jump in 2019. Several forecasts predict a strong season for stores and online sales. The peak shopping period began on Black Friday and will last until Christmas Eve. While this is good news for businesses and debt collectors, consumers need to be cautious with their spending because January could be a rude awakening for many consumers. Debt collectors are not likely to take a break during the holiday season and will be haunting you for sure starting January 2019. Debt collectors are prohibited from harassing you, but they are counting on you not knowing your rights and they will aggressively attempt to collect. Here are a few tips on how to handle mean or aggressive debt collectors:

  • Answer the calls—By continuing to ignore the calls you are only encouraging them to continue to call. Attempt to speak to the collector and explain yourself calmly and politely. If you are in the process of filing for bankruptcy, inform the debt collection agency this will often stop the calls.
  • NEVER give your personal information— Sometimes identity thieves make calls under the guise of a debt collector and they will attempt to get social security numbers, birth dates, account numbers, and all kinds of personal details that will enable them to infiltrate your personal accounts.
  • Take notes during your calls—keep a notebook dedicated just to collection calls. Take note of the date of your conversations, the name of the person you spoke to and what was discussed. This is also handy if the collector ever gets nasty so that you can report it accurately with as much information as possible.

The most important thing one needs to know is that repeated harassing calls from debt collectors are illegal and you could recover money for these harassing tactics. We sue debt collectors so if you are receiving calls from debt collectors call The Santos Law Offices, PA we can help 866-661-3816.

This information is provided by The Santos Law Offices, PA. Our areas of practice include immigration, bankruptcy, insurance litigation, debt harassment, credit card defense, foreclosure defense, student loan relief, and more. Call 866-661-3816 for a free consultation with our attorney.

*For information only, not legal advice.

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