Tips for Keeping your Information Safe after the Equifax Breach

Recently Equifax announced that hackers had gained access to sensitive information for over 143 million Americans. Compromised information includes Social Security numbers, driver license numbers, birth dates, addresses, and names.

Since the intrusion, Equifax has established a dedicated website where you can go to see if your information has been compromised. You can head to the Enroll page of the site, enter your last name and last six digits of your Social Security number…Wait a minute!! Equifax already allowed hackers to steal information so don’t do that and instead follow the steps below to protect yourself from identity thieves. Check your three credit reports and dispute any incorrect information immediately. Visit to obtain a free copy of your report. Change your passwords.It’s a simple, effective way to keep your information safe. Sign up for 24/7 credit monitoring. You will be notified if something changes in your credit report. Never respond to unsolicited requests for info. Spam calls and emails typically increase in the aftermath of a big breach, indicating that at least some of your info has been released. File your taxes early. If you’re anticipating a refund this year, you can cut identity thieves off at the pass by filing early and claiming the money you’re due before they have a chance to.

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