Debt Harassment

Debt Harassment

Are you behind on your payments? Are you receiving phone calls or letters from debt collectors? Debts can make you feel trapped and alone. The longer your debt lasts, the worse it gets and quite often debt is accompanied by harassing behavior from creditors trying to collect. At The Santos Law Offices, PA, we are dedicated to stopping banks and other debt collectors from engaging in unlawful and unacceptable behavior. It is illegal for debt collectors to harass you in an attempt to collect a debt. If you are been harassed by a creditor or a collector, you have every right to put an end to the abuse and we can help you.

Federal and Florida consumer laws protect people from creditor harassment. Under these laws creditors and debt collectors must follow very specific rules when they contact you regarding your debts. Some of the actions that can be considered harassment or abuse and are illegal include:

  • a collector demanding that you pay more than you legally owe;

  • a collector repeatedly contacting you at your place of employment against your will;

  • a collector using profane or abusive language;

  • a collector making verbal threats or threatening to take false legal action;

  • a collector calling before 8:00 am or after 9:00 pm;

  • a collector contacting your family, friends, or neighbors and telling them about your debt;

  • a collector continuing collection efforts after you have told the collector to stop; or

  • collector continuing to communicate with you knowing that you have a lawyer

Creditors or debt collectors who violate consumer laws will be liable for up to $1000 in damages. The amount awarded will hinge on the frequency, duration, and veracity of the harassment. Consumers receiving robo-calls on their cell phones may be awarded up to $1,500 per phone call. Additionally, if your suit prevails, the law permits the recovery of attorney fees.

Creditor harassment is illegal even if you owe a debt. Attorney Dalyla Santos has over eight years of experience representing consumers against harassing collection practices and has collected thousands of dollars on behalf of her clients. We understand the hardship that you are facing and the stress that is involved when you cannot afford to pay your debts. We can help you get through these difficult times with our experience and personal attention. Please contact The Santos Law Offices, PA today at 305-417-4117 for a free consultation with an attorney.