Foreclosure Defense

Foreclosure Defense

Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Is your home in foreclosure? You may feel like your situation is hopeless but at The Santos Law Offices, PA we can help you navigate these financials problems. We know that the risk of losing your home is a very stressful and it is a very tolling process for a family. Attorney Dalyla Santos has over Eight years of experience representing homeowners and fighting against banks. You will not be alone and foreclosure doesn’t have to be inevitable. If you are falling behind on your payments, you’ve been served with foreclosure or you know it’s coming soon, it’s time for you to talk with an experienced attorney. The banks are counting on you not to have an attorney to skip some of their responsibilities and expedite the auctioning of your home. To make matters worse, in some cases our state’s own court system is working against the homeowners by rushing through thousands of foreclosure cases that should not move forward at all. Attorney Dalyla Santos will fight aggressively for homeowners to be given every opportunity they are legally entitled to in order to prevent the foreclosure even if the auction date is mere weeks away.

In even the grimmest situations, there are often solutions you may not have considered. It is possible to save your home or at least buy you time to put your financials in order. Call The Santos Law Offices, PA today at 305-417-4111. We can develop a plan to defend the foreclosure and provide you with:

  • Opportunity to save money by staying in your home during the foreclosure

  • Opportunity to continue to collect rent from investment properties

  • Time to negotiate a loan modification or short sale with the bank to avoid the aftermath of a foreclosure

At The Santos Law Offices PA we know we can make a difference and while we cannot promise success in your case we do promise honesty, experience and personal attention to give you the best hope of a successful resolution.